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The Linconshire Show


On the 19th June 2019 our whole school went to the Lincolnshire show, we were all in groups. I was with my four best friends, Ava, Edie, Jasmine and Sophie we were also with Mrs Wilson and Miss Williamson.

First we wondered round and spotted the first show of the day, the police dog show. They explained how the dogs help the police officer to catch the criminal. After that we walked on too see an owl tent, they showed us all the different types of birds they had brought with them to the show. We walked over to see some other tents containing things we could observe and buy.

After hours of walking we found one of my favourite things we did that day…

The Food! We were restricted to buying a couple of things, I realised I only had a few items in my pack lunch. So me, Edie and Ava all went to find some chips to share. A little while later we found some and all chipped in for the cost. The food at the show was very overpriced that was why we all payed for it.

My second favourite thing about the trip was the kids zone. It was not babyish like you would assume, It contained various fare rides such as a merry go round, helter-skelter, hook a duck, bumper cars and these big swings that you would pull to make you go higher and higher. Me and Edie went on the swings and so did Ava and Jasmine, the rest of the group went on the bumper cars.

I think I could safely say this was one of my favourite school trips of all time.  

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