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Yesterday, Wednesday 19 June 2019 Lincolnshire show!!!!!

We went to the Lincolnshire show. To start we went to look at the animals were nice to look at as well as stroke. The shops were alright though there was nothing in my interest so I did not buy anything. There was also some arty things to do like colour a road safety badge next to the dinosaur museum you could draw yourself as fireman. We started with the farm yard animals it was delightful to see all the animals they were noisy.

My favourite section was the military section I found that the most interesting out all of them I what the man told us. The military was the one we look at the most we saw some planes

There were many animals’ pigs, sheep, cow, goat, donkey, chickens and ducks to start with we went to the sheep, next we saw the donkey the donkey was sleeping in the hut so he did not come over to us, also next to the donkey was some ducks. Then we went to see what cave men would have used in the Stone Age we got to see axes, arrows, flint, steel, bags and clothing. Minutes later we went to see bees and the honey the he honey looked sooooooooo good that I wanted to eat it we also went to see the police bit where a lady told us about an old prison that is now a museum.

We also saw some classic cars and some new Lamborghinis they looked really cool and the classic cars had leather interior with them was some tractors where little kids where in the driver’s seat. We saw pony’s and had a snack then we saw the military bit (my favourite) the men there told us about the things they use and there where little fact files around telling you about the things they use.

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