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The Lincolnshire Show 2019


On Wednesday 19th June 2019, we went to the Lincolnshire Show. It was about an hour and a half drive form school. It was 9:00 when we left school and we got there at 10:30.

The first thing we did was go to some farm animals there was sheep, goats, ducks and a donkey. Then we went to the RBST (Rare Breeds Survival Trust). Inside, there were rare goats, sheep and alpacas. Next we went to a Stone Age part. They showed us what people used in the Stone Age. (I thought it was cool) they had stuff made of stone and bone. Afterwards, we went to a beekeepers tent. They had different honey and bees there.

At that point it was 11:00. We were kind of hungry at this point. So we walked around the animals to take our minds off food. So we went down one of the paths off the clock tower. There was lots of food stalls so it didn’t help. Then we went to the sheep and pig tents where they were. Most of the pigs were huge. Then we stopped in front of the horse stadium. They were galloping around the showcase stadium. Then we set off the go see the classic cars.

We stopped at a couple of different stalls on the way there. We stopped at an army stall and looked at their machines. There was a couple of military trucks there. Then we looked around and found the classic cars. So we walked around then found some Lamborghinis so we looked at them inside and out.  We also stumbled upon some Ferraris and porches. Then after we found some Tanks.

  Then some of our group needed the toilet. So we waited for them. After we had a flapjack biscuit. We walked over to the RAF stall, then we talked to the man in charge and he told us about what their uniform does. It was quite interesting. Then one of the Sergeants showed us a magic trick.

After that, we went to a shopping part of the Lincolnshire show. We didn’t buy anything there.

Afterwards, we went to a police tent where they showed us their drones. One drone takes 2160p photos and the other one records videos at 2160p. There was an old Victorian prison they made into a museum.

After that, we looked through the Air Ambulance and Fire Fighters stalls.

After, we got chipssmiley. Then we went to the Waggy Tails Shop. Where I got something for my dog, Flo. Then we just watched the police dogs. Then we left.

This is the end of the blog, bye.

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