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The Linconshire Show


On the 19th June 2019 our whole school went to the Lincolnshire show, we were all in groups. I was with my four best friends, Ava, Edie, Jasmine and Sophie we were also with Mrs Wilson and Miss Williamson.

First we wondered round and spotted the first show of the day, the police dog show. They explained how the dogs help the police officer to catch the criminal. After that we walked on too see an owl tent, they showed us all the different types of birds they had brought with them to the show. We walked over to see some other tents containing things we could observe and buy.

After hours of walking we found one of my favourite things we did that day…

The Food! We were restricted to buying a couple of things, I realised I only had a few items in my pack lunch. So me, Edie and Ava all went to find some chips to share. A little while later we found some and all chipped in for the cost. The food at the show was very overpriced that was why we all payed for it.

My second favourite thing about the trip was the kids zone. It was not babyish like you would assume, It contained various fare rides such as a merry go round, helter-skelter, hook a duck, bumper cars and these big swings that you would pull to make you go higher and higher. Me and Edie went on the swings and so did Ava and Jasmine, the rest of the group went on the bumper cars.

I think I could safely say this was one of my favourite school trips of all time.  

Testing and creating a high-vis jacket ????



Recently Oak class have tackled the question of deciding materials for creating children’s high-vis jackets to keep them safe but still something they would wear. 


We tested our fabrics by creating a pitch black box with split pins inserted round the four edges to hold the fabric. We also used our circuit knowledge to create our light source. We made a hole at the top and bottom of the box, the top hole was for us to look in and test the fabrics and the bottom was so we could insert the light bulb.


In my team Erin was the leader and Alex-Ava was the resource leader. Erin, Alex-Ava and I  built our experiment and Craig and Oliver designed our coat. There was 8 fabrics to test we chose four that were the best, a blue stare fabric, a cris-cross fabric, a green fabric and a green reflective fabric.


Thank’s for reading hope you enjoyed bye!!!????




Christmas fete


On the 1st of December Saturday afternoon 2pm-4pm at Gosberton Clough and Risegate School there will be aChristmas fete taking place.????????


The Christmas fete will have games/events and Oak class (the oldest class in the school.) will be hosting these games/events.


There will be 100 square. 100 square: Three people in oak class made a grid and they are numbered if you pick the squared that they picked you win an amazing prize.


There will also be guess the real Santa ????????.


In Chesnut class there will be a variety of food and drinks ????.In our hall there will be a raffle, tombola and many shops and games.In oak class Santa’s magic grotto he will be giving presents ???? out for all the nice children.


We hope to see you there. ????


Snow Day!!!


Hi it’s Millie and this is what I did on the snow day.                                                                                          Two days ago on Wednesday 28h February 2018 in my back garden- me, my stepdad Scott; who **** the snow, my mum; who **** the cold and last but not least my sister Grace; who loves to annoy the whole family.  


All the family went out for a nice snowball fight but things got out of hand, my mum was running backwards and forwards across the garden yelling, “ It is supposed to be spring!” My stepdad Scott who got a nasty surprise from my sister Grace, (she put a crystal snowball down Scott’s trousers,) got in a mood and stormed inside!!!


Meanwhile me, mum and Grace were trying to make a snowman but the snow was like flowm balls scattered across the ground. After a while of trying to put the snow together I grabbed a hand full of the pristine snow and threw it at mum but then mum got a great big snowball and charged it at me.

So then we made our way out of the FREEZING crunchy snow.

How was your snow day? (As you can tell ours was not great!.)                                                                                                                   


Cool trip to the wood's !!!!!


 Hi everyone me, mum, step dad and step sister (grace) went to the most AMAIZING wood we've ever been to.

The hill's were really steep, so my step sister and I ran to the very top of the steep hill.


There was also a very big tree [ oak tree ] Grace and I climbed to the very top.


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