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Harry, Sophie, Edie, Katharyn and I were proposed the question: ‘Which material reflect the most’. We were given several different materials and we were using our previous knowledge to find a method that would help us find the most reflective. The list of materials we used were 1. Vis , 2. Bar bar black sheep,3. Brown fluffy trousers, 4. Yellow glitter, 5. Blue sparkles 6. Green patch and, 7. Rough holes We thought of designing a skinny black tube with two holes in the side and a large hole at the top to see if we could view the materials at the bottom. Harry looked down it, Sophie and I covered a small hole further down, the light from one of the smaller holes was in Harry’s eyes, and he would tell us if he could see the material at the bottom. We then wrote down the results. Then we coved the hole at Harry’s eyes so it was less in his eyes and more on the material and then he told us if he could see it. I think it was a good idea. smiley




The top three materials are the blue glittery paper, the gold glittery paper and the high Vis. But the one and only winner is (drum roll please) high Vis.



It is called (NO ONE WINS) because its noughts and crosses but no one wins; it is the same on the back.



The Proper Story

Yesterday it was games afternoon (best week ever). Everyone was playing a game. Me, Josh, Geordie, Craig and Finlay were all playing 'Wefut'  on the I-pads.


Creating football teams is one of my favourite things to do-I would play it all day if I could!


I was doing a foot draft and my whole team were legends. I had 100 chemistry,100 skills,100 rating overall. It was the best team ever!


The team was immense; if it was a real team it would be formidable. They would win in everything and I would name them - 'The Dream-champions of the World'


It was a snowy day.

Hi there.

On Wednesday 28th February 2018 me, my dad and my brother went sledging in Surfleet. It was a Snow Day! So this is what we did:


We all woke up at 06:46. I was watching the news and I looked out of the window and there was at least 1foot of snow! I knew we were going out!


We got dressed and went out - it was great fun!






Refflective fabric

Last week Oak class were purposed a question by Michael Chillott M.D researcher and development squad. We attempted to figure out which was the best material to stop people from getting hit by different sorts of vehicle. We got put into groups of five; I was in a group with Edie; who was our group leader, Elliot; our fabric and item collector, Kathryn; who thought of ideas and Harry; who tested our experiment. Our aim was to figure out which out the eight fabrics was the best and suitable for clothing.


  WEEK 1

Today we made and test our experiment. Our experiment was where we had some black card which we made into a tube, then we had to cover the end so we couldn’t see through e end and so no light could get through the gaps, we also had to think of names for our materials for when we put the result on to a result table so that they could see what we did so they can copy it and design the hoodie/coat. We got Harry to see whether he could see the fabric at the other end with different amounts of light

We found out that 3 of the eight were reflective; they were vizier, yellow glitter and blue glitter.  We then design the hoodie/coat my design was very tropical (a bit like this one down below but in hoodie form)

  We will eventually send these to him and see what he thinks of these. 

Hope you enjoyed this.




Guys I’m going to be talking about solar & lunar eclipse and a bit of day and night so be prepared for an fact file of Lunar & Solar eclipse.

As the Earth and the Moon move in space, they sometimes block each other from the sunlight. This is known as an eclipse .Every now and then you can see. It is an exciting event and often make the news. There are two types of eclipse as known as Lunar & Solar eclipse.      LUNAR ECLIPSE

  Like any shadow, the Earth shadow is lighter at the edges and darker in the middle. If the moon passes into the darker part, called the umbra a total eclipse take’s place when the moon looks very dark when it’s in the Earth shadow.







The moon approaches the sun then slides over the face of the sun the suns light is partly blocked. This is a particle in a total eclipse, the sun is blocked out only the corona can been seen.



This is a dazzling Diamond effect that sometimes happens during a solar eclipse immediately before and after the eclipse, a big ray of sunlight may shine out, which looks like a diamonds ring effect.




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