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Ed Shearen

Today I listend to 'Shape of you!'

I ? Ed Sheeran

My gerbils

Hi me again - and this time it's not about me, it's about my gerbils: Snowball, Shadow and Joey. They are so tiny and fast! I love watching them play.

They are so cute and I am in love heartheartheart


football tornamont

Today some year 5's and 6's went on a football tornamont at Boston school!!!

We didn't win.

Sam was in goal.

bird blog

Hi me again!  I love birds.  As you can see I have one as a pet called Snowy.  She is so cute. lol!

First time bloging

Hi I'm Alex-Ava this is my first time doing blogs.

I am so excitedd!!!

I have so many things to say and so little space.

Well first things first.  I am so lonely even when we have 82 chlidren.

Well I have forgotten everything I was going to say so bye.


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