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Testing Reflective Fabrics

For the past few weeks Oak have been looking at light and what would help you be seen at night. Oak were given 7-8 fabrics to test. I was in a group with Elliot B, Sophie W, Harry B and Edie T, we found three reflective fabrics one was obvious the others not so obvious.


What We Did

We made a black tube with holes all down the sides. We shone a light in the holes with the fabric inside. We continued for all the fabric pieces. Harry was the one who looked through the tube, Elliot shone the light, Sophie was helping Edie, Edie was the boss and I had nothing to do.


Week One

On week one we had to choose our boss and material man our boss was Edie and our material man was Elliot (Elliot didn’t let anyone touch the fabricsad)

Week Two

On week two we all designed the tube and we made it real. Of course not real as in it can walk around but we made it so that it is not just a drawing but a 3D object.

The Snowiest Days Ever !

On the 26th,27th and the 28th we had three snow days - the snow was 15cm high at our house. 


We woke up and heard all of the little snowdrops drop to the ground elegantly. I pulled open the curtains eagerly to see a layer of white snow; shining as brightly as a crystal.  


Next I rushed to my chest of drawers and grabbed my clothes. Until I got outside I hadn't realised that I didn’t put any socks on! I speedily got on my pink and purple willies and I put my flowery coat on.


After I’d done that I could feel the crunchy,crackly snow on our steps. My little brother Coby and I counted to three.... 1,2,3 JUMP! Woah!  I luckily landed on my feet.




SNOW DAY!  Daisy and I were really excited to play in the snow. We were in the kitchen and wearing snow suits, hats, scarfs, gloves and boots. When I got caught I charged towards the garden and speedily started making my snow man. At the end of the day it was as tall as me!

Snow Day - Woo Hoo!

Hey me again - today I am talking about my SNOW DAY!!!

We have a pug called Truffle.            

I made a 8 in the snow using a new sled and a pony! YELP!!! What in The world?                                    “Blood!?What happened?” I asked in fear. The pug has cut her leg on a sharp piece of ice! - 'Poor thing.' I said as a tear shed from my eye and froze on my face (it was so cold).                                                   So I went into my room and got my DS (I hadn’t been on it all day).                                                        


Well that’s it for now see you next time bye.


My space blog

MY space blog

Day and night.

Day and night occurs when the moon and earth spin on their axis:


The seasons

The seasons are caused by the way Earth orbits the sun.


Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Solar eclipses are caused when the moon partially blocks up the sun here on Earth but only for a few hours.

Lunar eclipses are caused when the sun ,moon and earth are all in a line. Here is a video on solar and lunar eclipses: 

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