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LINCOLNSHIRE SHOW 2019 - ALFIE'S BLOG ISSUE #9999999999999999999999999999999!

ISSUE #9999999999999999999999999999999! 

Hello friends (and people I don’t even know)! Today is a VERY SPECIAL BLOG, as its Issue
#9999999999999999999999999999999! (Nine nonillion. I bet you didn’t even know that number existed. We’re gonna actually have to name a new number for the next blog.)
Anyway, today I’ll be talking about the Lincolnshire Show 2019!

I went on the 19th of June with my school! (Y’know, the one I’ve been blogging for for a millennium now?) Anyway, for you unlucky folks that DIDN’T get to go, I’ll recount my trip for you!

Okay, so firstly, we were sorted into groups – I was in Mrs Kember’s group, along with Blake T (I prefer to call him Bat) and Corin J (he’s either Fluid or Tang – I’d refer you to their blogs, but I’m too lazy).

Next, we got on the bus (where I sat next to Bat. You don’t need to know this information, now do you?) and began our journey! When we got to the Lincolnshire Showground, our group joined with Mrs Clarke’s group (I can’t fully remember who was in it, plus you don’t care. So yeah.) and thus we began to explore (don’t say THUS, ya dumb Shakespearian). First we explored the Rand Farm Park Stall, then… uh… I can’t remember... WELL… I do know that we went to a BUNCH of different stalls and did a BUNCH of different stuff! Here are some key things I did:


  • A Stress Relief stall, where I got a bag of Orbeez and a stress ball.
  • A ‘Great Recycling Show’, where I got a recipe for Rocky Road and a recipe for Road. (Just… don’t question it…)
  • A Police stall which also included a Victim Support area. I got a balloon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    ( [*facepalm*] sorry you had to see that…)
  • A Road Safety stall, where I got to design a Road Safety badge!
  • Oh yeah, and some other stuff that I don’t quite remember.


ANYWAY, friends, it is now the end of ALFIE’S BLOG, SPECIAL ISSUE #9999999999999999999999999999999! See you next time!

Have you been to somewhere exciting this week?

See you soon!

(Don’t worry, the next issue will be published in this dimension. Hopefully, it’ll be the last one.)



The spittle bug is a type of bug that live in mostly the consternental (forming or belonging to an inviromant) in the United States but are spreding through Europe through Italy to England.If you ever spot any frofy substance that looks like spit in your back yard , you have spittlebugs in your garden.Thay are little bugs that look like this.                                                        


They will kill all your plants because all the spittle they leave has bactiria in it so it is said to kill all the plants 100 meters around were you find the spittle or there will be more spittlebugs.The spittle comes out of the back end ( the bum )



Do not toutch the spittle becouse it is poisnes.


Shadow of Bloxburg 2 LEAK!!

As you guys may (or may not) know, I've written a BOOK called 'The Shadow of Bloxburg'! (The cover is below.) It's about a group of five friends (Arty, Tang, Bat, Tim and Poppy) who accidentally release a DEMON from the Underworld (I'm not allowed to say 'hell', you see -- oops, said it) who they now have to fight over their Summer Holidays! (You can read it in the Oak Class Reading Corner, provided no one is currently reading it.)The Shadow of Bloxburg Front Cover
Anyway, I have recently decided to create a SEQUEL which leads on from the epilogue of the first book! The name is undecided yet, but here's a SNEAK PEEK of the first chapter of the next book:


The Future SWF's ship flew through the sky, Future Arty expertly dodging any birds or planes.
'So…' began Poppy, 'How exactly are we going to get to the future?'
'Poppy,' said Future Poppy, 'We're Wizards. We have magic, remember?'
'Oh yeah,' said Poppy.

When the ship was about to come over Mount Bloxburg, Future Tang cast a spell.
'Tempus Veni! ' he shouted, circling his hands to open a large portal, which the ship flew through. Suddenly, the SWF (the future and the past ones) were no longer in Bloxburg -- they were in some sort of huge, Chrome city.
'Welcome, kids…' said Future Tim, 'To New Bloxburg!'
The SWF (the past ones) looked down at the massive futuristic clump of buildings below them. The biggest thing in sight was a huge white tower built into the side of Mount Bloxburg. It said BankCo. Enterprises in big, bold letters on the front. The SWF (all of them this time) flew over 'New Bloxburg' until they reached a small suburban-looking area.
'Hey, that looks like…' said Bat, instantly bring cut off by Tim:
'Riverside Estates!' he shouted.

'Yep, Riverside is still here!' smiled Future Arty, 'But unfortunately Bloxy Acres was knocked down so they could make some sort of Shopping District.'
'Hey, is Town Centre still here?' asked Tang, 'Y'know, with Bloxy's and Pizza Planet?'
'Yep, that too, Tang,' said Future Tang, 'They couldn't get rid of it even if they wanted to - it's under protection from the Mayor.'
'I see,' said Arty, as Future Arty brought the Ship down. Both of the SWFs got out and headed into Future Arty's house.
'Won't be here for long - this isn't our Hideout!' he said.
'Wait, wait, wait,' said Tim, 'You're saying… you still have the original Hideout?' 
'Of course we do! You think we'd get rid of something as important as that? ' exclaimed Future Poppy.
'Important? It was just an underground cabin last time I checked!' said Arty.

'Oh… well…' smiled Future Tim, 'It's a little different now. C'mon, we'll show ya!'

See, I would  end it on a cliff-hanger, but there aren't many of those in that first chapter...
I hope you enjoy The Shadow of Bloxburg  if you do decide to read it, but if not then I hope you enjoy the Sneak Peek! Anyway, have a great day everyone, and I'll see ya soon!

Oh, I almost forgot the QUESTION OF THE BLOG!
This is a thing that I'm going to do that relates to the blog I just did -- and YOU can answer in the comments below! Here it is:
What is your favourite book?

Be sure to answer -- mine is definitely Holes by Louis Sachar! Bye! 


Science Blog

Hello this is a science blog about our science topic Sight or Vision. We have been looking at sight for a few weeks and did an experiment I will talk about now.



This is when we design our experiment using our resources of: Black card, tape, scissors and circuits for a dim light. The point of the experiment was to find the most reflective item for clothing and make a jacket/ coat out of the materials. My team decided to make a black tube out of card and secure it with tape. The rest of the team made the tube while I designed the jacket. My design was a colourful pattern all over it.




This is today I finished my hoodie and I’m now typing this. Bye.

Romulus and Remus, Roman Myths & Legends

Romulus and Remus

By Alfie H and Corin Jackson


In Aba Longa, Central Italy, where the Greek goddess Aphrodite had fled Troy after the burning of Troy in 1250 BCE. Aeneas married a beautiful princess. Also beginning a reign of kings, he had twins he called Romulus and Remus. However, their wicked uncle Amulius, wanted to be king, so he ordered a slave to put Romulus and Remus in a trough, then put them in the river Tiber to kill them. Luckily, they were found by a she-wolf. The she-wolf raised them until a shepherd found them. The shepherd and his wife took care of the twins until they were adults. Romulus and Remus decided to make a city near the thorn bush that had saved their life. They were strong leaders, and people flocked in from around the world to see Romulus and Remus’ city. When the brothers learned that their Uncle Amulius tried to kill them, they killed him. Eventually, the unnamed city spread along the 7 hills along the river Tiber, but as it got larger, Romulus and Remus began to argue. There was lots of jealousy between  them and eventually Romulus waited until Remus left the city on a business trip, then ploughed a line along the border of the city. When Remus came back, his brother told him that if he crossed the line, he would die. Remus was outraged at his brother’s threat and jumped over the line, attacking Romulus viciously. Romulus quickly responded, and the brothers fought savagely until one of them died. The victor was Romulus, and named the city ‘Rome’ after himself, until one day he disappeared in a storm and somehow became a demigod.






Director.......................Alfie Holden

Writers.......................Alfie Holden, Corin Jackson

Editor.......................Corin Jackson

Special Thanks.......................Mr. Pollard, Alberto, The Romans, Sammy the Strawberry, The Rat With No Shirt On.

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