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October 2018

Hi guys


Who wants to tell me all about Halloween and all of their activities? I went with my family to Bell's Pumpkin Patch and we bought lots of different sized pumpkins to carve. Niall and Fionn created a great one that looked like it was being sick! Yuck!


I'd love to see photos and posts about what you've all gotten up to. Maybe you could include some Bonfire writing too?


Keep blogging!


Love Mrs Rooney


Hi Everyone


I've spent an enjoyable few hours reading and approving everyone's blogs. You've written some exciting things about the recent 'Snow Days' and some of you have even gone away to find out 'What is snow?' and 'Why does it snow?'


Lots of the Y4 and Y5 children in Oak class used some excellent vocabulary when writing their snowy blogs and I can tell they were thinking about the 'DADWAVERS' I've taught them about when writing their descriptions. I noticed a few names missing from the Y4/5 list so I hope you guys find time to write about your snowy experiences too.


Poor Mrs Rooney missed lots of the snow because I was in hospital all week and could only see some of it from my window. I did hear about it all though and your teachers were very good at keeping me updated with everything that was happening at home and school. Anyway, I'm glad you are all safe and that you all enjoyed the snow being here. I won't be able to make it into school for a while because of my broken ankle but if you want to tell me any news or want me to take a look at your blogs - keep writing! And remember: check your punctuation carefully and use your 'DADWAVERS' whenever you can! You are all superstar writers and I'm very proud of your efforts.


See you soon guys!


Love Mrs Rooney xx  heart



My Guided Reading group worked really hard this week on their book reviews. We used Aurasma and Telligami Apps to bring our book reviews to life with amazing results. When you scan an Ipad over a book cover, the children's avatars will come to life! Come and have a go next time you are in Oak.


I am so proud of all the children in school and everyone worked so hard to raise money for school books by supporting our school book fair. We were able to buy £120 worth of books for the classrooms! Oak Class love reading and our 'Extreme Reading' display shows us all doing one of our favourite activities in the most unusual places. Look out for Max reading whilst running to catch the train or Chloe reading whilst Hula Hooping! Such great fun! Keep up the fantastic work Oak - there are lots more fun activities to come leading up to Easter!




Mad Scientist Day

On Monday 9th February we will be celebrating our dojo rewards with a 'Mad Scientist' day. In the morning we will be baking crazy cupcakes with a blood, bones and body bits theme! In the afternoon we have got lots of fun and messy activities and experiments for you all to try.


If you'd like to dress up for our day then please do. White shirts for lab coats or red clothes for red blood cells would look great! Don't dress in anything too fancy because our crazy experiments could get messy!


Have a great weekend with lots of fun on Monday to look forward to!!!smiley

Our first blog!

Hello class - my first blog!


Mrs Hazlehurst has shown me how to write on our class blog about all the exciting things we do in and around class. I hope you like my glasses! I hope to keep you and your parents updated on all the things we do.


You all earned 832 dojos last week! WOW! We have decided to have a 'Mad Scientist Day'


We are going to be dressing up, baking, doing crazy 'blood' experiments and having lots of fun!


It will be great! :o)

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